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Since 1985, we’ve had one mission: to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.

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    As the largest online wellness shopping club in North America, Melaleuca is a world leader in naturally effective, one-of-a-kind wellness products designed to help you live a more vibrant life.

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    Melaleuca puts nature to work by developing science-backed formulas that outperform national grocery store brands. Melaleuca’s superior products are safer for the home, effective, and affordable.

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    Clean home. Clean streams. Clean conscience. Melaleuca has been at the forefront of highly concentrated, safer, nature-derived products for years.

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    Smarter ingredients. Smarter choices. Melaleuca makes safer, more effective, eco-friendly and affordable products that people love.

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    Melaleuca employs over 5,000 Team Members worldwide and has been ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of America's best places to work.

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    The Melaleuca Foundation was created as a charitable arm for Melaleuca to reach out and enhance the lives of those most in need.

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Melaleuca Makes Another $50K Donation to Buy Rifle-Grade Bulletproof Vests for Sheriff Deputies

Sheriff deputies from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) have much to celebrate thanks to a $50,000 donation that will buy the best body armor and ballistic helmets available on the market.

Melaleuca Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot Named One of Idaho’s Most Influential Business Leaders

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Going the Extra Mile: Delivering Humanitarian Supplies for Hurricane Ian Victims

In the devastating wake of Hurricane Ian, now being called the deadliest storm to hit Florida since 1935, Melaleuca quickly arrived on the scene to offer humanitarian aid on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022.

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For more than three decades, Melaleuca products have been the answer to families who want healthier, safer products in their homes at an affordable price.

How Frank VanderSloot saved 115 family farms and a region’s dairy industry

This is a story about how a compassionate millionaire (now billionaire) named Frank VanderSloot used his talent, time and resources to keep the eastern Idaho dairy industry alive so he could save 115 family farms from bankruptcy.

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Melaleuca2 hours ago
Did you know that air pollution can wreak havoc on our skin? Excess dryness, irritation, skin barrier damage, and premature aging can all be caused by environmental stressors, which is why high-quality skin care is so important!

Protect the largest organ of your body (the skin) with Advanced Microbiome Support—a scientifically researched skin care line that’s proven to help those with dry, aging skin combat the negative effects of pollution with prebiotics and probiotics, plant-based retinol, and mushroom extracts.
Melaleuca1 day ago
Apparently it’s National Laundry Day. 🤷‍♀️

We’re surprised too—isn’t every day laundry day? Laundry never stops, but EcoSense makes laundry day less of a chore! Especially when you can save with our laundry 5-pack which includes MelaPower 9x Laundry Detergent, either MelaBrite 9x Color Booster or MelaBrite Oxi Packs, and three choices of MelaSoft 9x Liquid Fabric Softener, MelaSoft Dryer Sheets or MelaBoost 9x Color Booster!

National brands that are considered effective often use dangerous and harsh chemicals while more natural brands that claim to be safe are simply NOT effective. With EcoSense you don’t have to make a choice between safety and efficacy. You can have both peace of mind and superior performance.
Melaleuca3 days ago
Frustrated by the harsh chemicals in common household cleaners, customer Alex Hage began a quest to improve her family’s home environment. Watch as she shares how Melaleuca products have brought her home peace, balance, and an unmatched sense of clean.
Melaleuca4 days ago
Spring is in the air—and you know what that means! Limited-edition vanilla EcoSense products are back! Enjoy the sweet smell of spring as you clean your home without harmful chemicals. Buy vanilla-scented EcoSense cleaners individually or as a bundle for extra savings.
Melaleuca6 days ago
What motivates you to clean? Share your best tip in the comments!

Meghan Dirk, customer since 2020
Melaleuca1 week ago
We are honored to be recognized with the Empowering Women Award for our commitment to supporting women in the workplace and as entrepreneurs. This prestigious award celebrates the invaluable contributions that our talented female employees and Marketing Executives play in Melaleuca’s success!

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